Heroes' Fourth Volume Named for Season 3

Jason Fritz

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Series creator Tim Kring lets spills the beans on the next chapter of Heroes...Also, there's a total of 25 shows scheduled for season 3!

It sounds like the show could go any direction at this point, can't wait.

Season one - Volume 1: "Genesis"

Season two - Volume 2: "Generations"

Season three - Volume 3: "Villains" will run 13 episodes, Volume 4 of Season three will run 12 episodes: "Fugitives."

Check out the video of Tim Kring at: Heroes News and Spoilers: Tim Kring Confirms Title of Volume 4 and More


Guess they realize the villains were outnumbered and will probably balance it out in this season. Still, Sylar coming back was kind of a let down. No progress.
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