Heroes Reborn Verdict


I’ve quit watching Heroes Reborn. It’s not the worst show on television, it’s just not for me. After giving the show five episodes to pique my interest, I’m calling it quits.

Heroes Reborn isn’t bad. I think plenty of people, especially fans of Heroes, will find a lot to like from the thirteen-episode miniseries. It has a lot of the same characters from the original series and serves almost as a testing grounds to see if people are interested in a new Heroes series or not.

It seems like the best time for Heroes Reborn to come out. All things superhero are seeing a renaissance through practically every form of media consumed today, from Hollywood blockbusters to thriving YouTube channels. Yet after episode four the miniseries was receiving a 1.1 Nielson rating, which likely isn’t quite where NBC thought it’d be.

Why isn’t Heroes Reborn doing too well?

Personally, I feel like the show drags. It’s not even a regular series and yet the show feels like it’s taking forever to get to the point. It shouldn’t take five episodes for the kid to find out he’s adopted or to have Penny Man’s existence explained. The show holds on to every piece of information for dear life, slowly spoon feeding the audience slightly less vague morsels over elongated bouts of time. If I wasn’t bored to sleep while watching I’d scream, “GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!”

The characters aren’t nearly as interesting as the show wants you to think they are. They’re cookie-cutter at best. Each character exists on the border of stereotypical and bland, maintaining the perfect combination for me not to care about any of them.

A lot of the powers are cool but their usage is entirely too emphasized. Every time a power is used it’s like the show’s saying, “Hey look guys! Wasn’t that a cool special effect?” We don’t need the force push to be in slow motion or for Katana Girl to raise her sword ceremoniously every time she uses her powers. If these superpowers are naturally part of the characters then why do they have to look so uncomfortable every time they use their abilities?

Heroes Reborn doesn’t offer anything I can't get better from other superhero shows. I’ve always thought the series too itself too seriously and this miniseries sequel continues the same trend.

NBC was smart to make it a miniseries, being able to claim it was just a one-and-done experiment rather than an actual attempt to revitalize a risky property. Honestly, there are a ton of comic properties NBC could pull from if they really want a superhero show in their lineup.

Heroes was an interesting premise that was poorly executed in the long run and needs to stay buried for its own sake. As much as I like superhero shows and movies, do we really need another? I personally don’t want every network to have a superhero series of its own, but that’s a topic for another time.

Suffice to say, I’m done with all things Heroes for now. What about you?

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