Heroes star visits Haiti after hurricanes

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Jimmy Jean-Louis who plays The Haitian on "Heroes" visits Haiti to donate sports equipment from the Hollywood United Football Club.

Haiti is currently recovering after being hit with Hurricanes Gustav, and Hannah. Jean-Louis, a native of Haiti, said,
Haiti always needs help, but right now the need is critical. The gravity of the situation is comparable to what happened in New Orleans with Katrina, it is happening right now in many cities in Haiti.
How cool is that? It's so easy to donate a few dollars to causes like this, but I have to admire a person like Jimmy who can take it a step further and physically be there in Haiti to help out.

Source: Seriously? OMG! WTF? The Haitian is a Hero in Haiti


That is admirable. Wouldn't it be great if his power was for real and he could use it for the good. Manipulating minds could help in acquiring help a little quicker where it is most needed. All kidding aside, it's wonderful that he went back to Haiti to help. More power (no pun intended) to him.

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