High channel numbers and live buffering



When I start to watch a DVR recording on my X1 box, the live channel that I was previously watching keeps on buffering. When I exit the recording, I can rewind back through the buffer to catch what I missed.

However, I notice that at least one of the high numbered (1000+) channels doesn't do this. Today I was watching the Pac-12 network on channel 1329. It doesn't have a lower channel number in HD like most other networks, so this was my only choice. I noticed something odd right away because instead of quickly switching to the channel, I got the three "wait" dots for several seconds before the channel appeared. After watching for a while (the buffer was working fine while I was watching live) I started watching a DVR recording. A few minutes later I exited the recording, and again got the three "wait" dots for a while before the channel 1329 popped up again. At this point the buffer was reset.

Anyone know what's going on here? I tried several other 1000+ numbered channels and they all saved the buffer just fine after switching back and forth to a DVR recording. I also tried this particular channel again later in the day and had the same problem (complete with the "wait" dots). So far I can't duplicate the problem on another channel.

"High channel numbers and live buffering," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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