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This question is about "High latency at night/weekends", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. So, I've been having a lot of problems with my internet in the evenings for the past few months. Every night it's the same issue, around 7:30-8:00pm I've been having high latency to various games(LoL, WoW, Overwatch), and web pages have been slow to load.

Two technicians have visited, they found no problems with the cable inside my apartment, or outside. They replaced all of the connectors and barrels on the cable inside my apartment, but that didn't resolve the issue. The first technician also replaced my old modem with no resolution of the symptoms. I then purchased my own modem(Arris Surfboard SBG6900-AC), and the problems are still the same.

The second technician also suggested that my computer might be the problem, so I tested the connection with two separate computers. The issues are still there, the same as always. (All connections made over a wired connection via a Cat6 cable)

I spoke with the support staff for one of the games, and after showing them network logs they suggested that it was an issue with TWC routing and recommended I try a VPN. Using the VPN to a server in Chicago, my ping has been stable at 60ms. Just now, I was in a game where my ping was 200ms-300ms, and I turned the VPN on in the game with immediate resolution of the latency issues.

In looking through this forum, I have noticed many other users from Central Texas who are experiencing the same kind of strange symptoms that I am. Below I have included the information requested in the sticky, and now I'm just wondering how I need to proceed in order to resolve this issue.

  1. Location: San Antonio, TX 78249, Multi family apartment complex
  2. Internet, 300Mbps
  3. 1st-Arris Touchstone DG1670; 2nd-Ubee DDW36C; Current-Arris Surfboard SBG6900-AC
  4. No separate router
  5. Modem Page
  6. Modem is online
  7. Purchased speed is 300Mbps download; TWC speedtest shows 347.34Mbps download, 21.81Mbps upload, 20ms Latency, and 4ms Jitter
  8. Modem's signal, downstream and upstream, and event log pages:
  9. I am not sure how it is wired outside of my apartment. Inside my apartment, there is a single coaxial cable from the modem to the wall, then to a second outlet downstairs. It goes into a single normal coaxial barrel, and then out of my apartment. There are no splitters inside my apartment.
  10. I have a Cat6 cable directly from my modem to my computer. There are no other devices connected.
  11. I am unaware of any changes outside of my apartment complex. The first technician to visit said the coaxial cable in the wall was bent and the connector was replaced. The second technician replaced all connectors on the cables and replaced the barrel.
  12. Pathping to North America League of Legends servers:
  13. Connection problems are most noticeable in the in game ping. However, in the evenings web pages seem to be much slower to load although I have no way of measuring the extent of the delay.
  14. There are no background tasks running.

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