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This question is about "High latency everynight.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. hello i've recently discovered my ping has been really unstable and high between the hours of 8pm - 12:30 am everynight. i've noticed this while playing an online game called League Of Legends where my average ping to the game is around 30-40 ms, But during those hours my ping goes from 140-450 and is really unstable. This has been going on for about a month and on further testing withe tracert i've noticed its not only on that game but its on every server. The same problems seems to be happening with my friend who also has time warner cable and lives accross the street for me. I believe it to be something wrong with the local wiring becouse after the first hop everything after goes bad and the same is with my neighbor accross the street but i have no idea why its only bad between 8-1230 everynight without fail. i've already contacted twc a week ago and all they said was they were gonna monitor my network but i doubt anything is going to come from it.

here is an example of my ping during those times which i used a program called pingplotter to analyse my ping during those times.

here is my modem wan status page. (i restarted my modem last night so there might not be that much errors)

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