High ping and slow loading - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "High ping and slow loading", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps.
  1. location. city, state, zip. Single or multi family complex. NYC (11423) Single unit
  2. Services from TWC Internet Only
  3. Make and model of modem Modem
  4. Make and model of router ASUS RT-AC68U T-Mobile WiFi CellSpot Gigabit Router
  5. Firmware level in modem Modem
  6. Confirm modem is Online or report otherwise. Login to your twc account and click on troubleshoot. Confirm modem with correct serial/mac has a green dot. See this example. (mac/serial masked out in this image) Working
  7. What are your purchased speeds? What are results from TWC speed test. down, up, ping, jitter? Plan: 100/10 Test
  8. List symptoms using a wired (not wireless) connection with date and time and any repeating pattern High ping and slow loading times
  9. Modem's signal, downstream and upstream, and event log pages. Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5
  10. Description of your cable wiring from street and throughout house, include splitters, devices, cable type (rg6, rg59) and age, etc. and specifically the where the modem attaches. Outside ? 3 way splitter ? 3 way splitter ? modem (not sure about what coax cable type)
  11. Description of ethernet network from modem’s ethernet port to router(s) and to any additional devices including cable type, e.g., cat5, cat5e, cat6, etc. modem ? router ? devices (cat 5e/wireless)
  12. Any recent or coincident changes or upgrades to your system, or any neighborhood changes. Just switched to twc
  13. Run pathping (windows command) targeting a site that demonstrates problem, preferably one that is pingable, like rr.com. If pathping is not available as command execute tracert. (Linux command is traceroute) pt 1 pt 2
  14. Mention if you only have connection problems while streaming movies/other or playing games. Everything feels slow, playing league used to get me a solid 20-25 ping on verizon but i get jumps between 35 - 150 on twc
  15. Are any background tasks running that upload or download data automatically, e.g., backup programs, torrent client, file/photo/music sync, auto program/app update, etc.? No

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