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This question is about "High ping at certain times.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello, I currently am experiencing high ping everyday between the hours of 3pm- 12:30am. I live In San Antonio, Texas 78236 and I live in a single family home. I've been experiencing this issue for about 6 months now and the technicians have told me its a problem with one of their nodes but nothing has been done to fix it. I am currently subscribed to recieve 200 download and 20 upload and as of writing this post am getting 84.26Mbps down and 20.10 up. The modem I am using is the Ubee MTA DVW32CB and I currently don't use a router instead I run a ethernet cord through my Netgear gigabit ethernet switch. I'm not sure where to find the firmware level on my modem unfortunately so I can't provide that information. Here is a picture of my modems downstream and upstream.
My internet is wired straight from my modem up to my switch and into my pc using only Cat6 Cables 1 Ethernet extender and my network switch mentioned earlier. There haven't been any recent changes nor were there changes when my problem started to occur. Here are a couple pictures of the pathpings i ran of 3 different ips including league of legends NA servers, and both google public servers.

My problem seems to occur no matter what i'm doing. In games the ping is unberably high and videos buffer alot. I don't run any background tasks while i'm on my computer so I don't think that could be the problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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