High Uncorrectables - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "High Uncorrectables", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I recently switched Spectrum internet. I've noticed that the speed is never quite up to the 400Mbps subscription but normally >100 so I don't really mind. I've checked signal levels and everything appears to be good (to the best of my knowledge) and errors have been low. Until tonight when we started having issues with streaming. I checked the modem and noticed uncorrectables in the tens of thousands across all downstream channels. Is there anything I should check? I work in telecommunications but I'm not sure there's really anything I can do. We have a new drop, ground block is grounded properly, only inside wire is ~30 ft tri-shielded rg6 with solid copper conductor. Is it even worth contacting Spectrum to investigate or are they just gonna be chasing an intermittent ghost?

High Uncorrectables?