Hillshire Farms commercials are annoying

Thomas G

Anybody seen these commercials lately? I can't stand them. One of them starts with some guys barbecuing in the back yard, and they break into like a military cadence.

When I say Hillshire you say Farm,

"Hillshire", "Farm"


Please make them go away. :bolt:
Because there are far more obnoxious people and that's the reason the ads have taken on this streak. they go for the majority in order to profit. while us old timers prefer the simple 'plop plop fizz fizz' today's generation, which has superceded the previous, has decided to give us reality TV and bad commercials. and the sad part, they work. not by us complaining since we only represent half the market, but because people believe them and they can relate to them.

Anyone else noticed that Enzyte ads have made comebacks and the product is selling better after the owner got 20 years in prison? sometimes negative press sparks interest as well. the world is running backwards.


Eh!? Didn't the creator himself admit that it was useless? How on Earth is it still selling? In fact, why aren't the people selling and manufacturing it being arrested for selling placebo's that simply do not work?

America needs to get their heads together.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
But sadly it's seems that the more obnoxious a commercial, the more it works.
Having spent 20 years in the advertising industry, I understand your point. But there are a ton of annoying commercials that are incredibly ineffective because the consumers can't remember the product. Luckily, commercials don't have to be annoying to be effective. But some annoying ones indeed are very effective.


Speaking of annoying commercials, I just saw a Pepto Bismol commercial tonight that reminded me of this post because I can't stand the Nausea, heartburn, indigestion! Upset stomach, diarrhea! song!!!!!
I'm sick of those 'five dollar footlong' ads. Esp since they got those people who can't sing; making it even more annoying. I thought it was for a 'limited time' enough already!