History Channel Pulls Plug on Kennedy Project

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History Network Pulls Plug on Kennedy Project

From the article:

"The History Channel will not air a controversial miniseries it produced about the Kennedy family, saying the multimillion project that had become the network's most expensive on record did not fit the "History brand."

The eight-part series had already been completed, and starred Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes as John and Jackie Kennedy. But during its production, critics like former Kennedy administration aide Theodore Sorenson attacked the scripts as inaccurate." ...


I wonder how much money the producers were counting on from The History Channel? I notice that the director John Cassar said that they made changes to the script as they were asked.

I'm looking forward to seeing it, but I'm not sure where I'll catch it yet.


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Showtime considered taking it on, but they have also passed on it, saying that it wasn't in their niche. There are rumors that Caroline Kennedy has influenced the powers that be, not wanting it aired.


I notice that The Green Mile aired on The History Channel on the weekend, and I found that a bit surprising. I guess the difference is that the fiction depicted in that story doesn't relate at all to any real events or real people.

Maybe The History Channel should stick strictly to history?


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I'm thinking there is more to it and that maybe the Kennedy clan still has a bit of pull. I've seen all kinds of things on History and Showtime so the 'not accurate enough' and 'not in our niche' thing doesn't quite work for me.


I think you're right Orrymain. I hear that the script did change a lot from the first draft, but I guess there was some speculation in it on a conversation between JFK and Bobby regarding the President's private life on the subject of women.


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I'm sad to hear that, but I must say that it doesn't surprise me. The Kennedy family still has a lot of influence on what gets aired about their family, and they have a lot of negative things that they don't want to see aired. Remember...20 years or so ago, the show 20/20 had done a huge investigative piece about JFK, RFK and Marilyn Monroe. (I think the show mainly focused on Marilyn, but her relationship with the Kennedys figrued heavily in it.) Anyway, 20/20 pulled the plug on it. Roone Arledge, the head of the network or something was said to be close to Ethel Kennedy. When 20/20 pulled the plug, Geraldo Rivera resigned from the show in protest. Now here's another show that probably will never see the light of day thanks to the influence of the Kennedys.


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The Hollywood Reporter obtained the first of the 8 parts and watched it. They said the script had definitely been changed from when it began, but that there were some references that got personal, things about Joe Sr. talking women with his sons and also his not understanding Rose's devotion to religion. From what I've heard, Caroline has connections with both HBO and Showtime folks. Why put all those millions into it, though, if you are going to back down for a friend or associate? I agree the Kennedy name still has prestige, but times are so different that I have to wonder about that.

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