History of the Olympics

The Olympics started in 776 B.C. in Greece. Peloponnese is located in the Western area of Greece. This area is known as the island of Pelops. Olympic games tend to take place in Olympia. It makes since that the game is held in Olympia being that the game is referred to as the Olympics. It was common for people to have worship and many other types of religious practices. The Olympics was a way for young people to prove themselves , their strengths and talents as well as their accomplishments. Their religion was always given credit for such glory and success. Zeus being one of the earliest kings, was partly responsible for these games and meetings. http://www.olympic.org/ancient-olympic-games has the full story behind the Olympics.
Hmmmm, Thanks PecolaR. What country were you rooting for in the Sochi Olympics? I thought the Russian comback to take the overall medals count was pretty cool to see...despite the fact of the host-country typically being the favorite in that category. I loved watching their long distance skiers during the Olympics...just well-trained brutes!


It's really great to see all those underrated athletes* once in a while. Usually everyone cares only about big popular team sports like football, soccer, baseball... And all those poor athletes train all year too but never get any attention. I'm glad they have their time and place :)
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I don't get all this sports craze, really. I know the olympics used to be a huge deal in the antic times. now it's good that all the countries can unit for a competition, that everyone can support their sportsmen....but for me watching someone run for an hour is just boring
Honestly I haven't really sat down to watch the Olympics fully, but I've watched bits and pieces of the Olympics before. I think from what I have viewed there are a lot of talented individuals. I don't have a favorite though.
Your absolutely right. There should be more recognize, that's why I decided to make a thread about the Olympics. Even though I'm not a die heart Olympics fan, I still believe what they do is just as important.
Yeah, even though I'm personally more into the Summer Olympics, I find that I watch more of the Winter Olympics...maybe because we're inside a bit more than when the Summer Olympics are being shown? Not sure...but I did get addicted to watching the World Cup when I lived overseas! I'll watch just about all of the games, even though I haven't necessarily been a huge fan of soccer during my life!


Haha, well, a tiny correction if anyone misunderstood me - I was typing the previous post on my phone and I typed alerts instead of athletes. That kind of changes the meaning! :D

I am not sure which olympics to prefer, I mean, the winter ones have... snow! Snowy sports are more unusual and interesting to watch I think, especially if there's no snow outside your own window.