Other than watching TV, what do you do in your spare time to occupy yourself? I am an avid computer gamer and a voracious writer.
Home Theater! It's a passion of mine. ;) My wife hates it, but the kids love it, which makes it all worth while on a Friday Movie night with the family.

I also love time pieces / watches. I've got an extensive collection of older Tag watches that I love to restore/work on during my free time.


i love listening to music, sleeping, watching movies at the mall, having coffee at a very nice coffee shop, playing billiards and surfing the net.:D


my hobbies are listening to music,playing games in pc,some times outing and mainly my mobile.i can't live without mobile.i will sms to gals and have fun daily.


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I don't do anything in my spare time besides watching television and playing computer games or being on the net and browsing forums, but sometimes.. I do read. But I wouldn't consider myself a nerd, I read about 1 book every 5 months lol.


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Well I don't really like watching television besides watching basketball and special events such as olympics and the like, but I also like to go on the computer a lot after I finish my studies. My hobbies I would have to say are playing basketball, and maybe sometimes even football (soccer). ^^


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You said besides television, so I'd say I like playing basketball with my friends. I also like to read during my free time, and doing some things on the computer.

My favourite hobby though would be considered to being a couch potato, probably watching all the NBA games that are available at the time being :p


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I like to go on the computer for obvious reasons besides doing work, I like to watch some television.., I like to go outside and play (I'm active), and most importantly, I like to play basketball! I also like to read though, but I'm not that standrad type of nerd.. I only read good and recommended books recommended by my pals.
Lets see My hobbies are Photography which I also teach, Biblical studies, Farming as far as Chile peppers, Asian pears, Apples, plums, Japanese Persimmons, my horses, ok Digital tv, and Web design. put that beside my general Maintenance business and preaching on Wednesday evenings and running a Teen Ministry, WOW where does my time go?:D


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Not sure if this qualifies as a hobby, but my dog occupies a lot of my time only because I keep him locked up in my apartment during the day when I'm at school. I've got 3 more semesters until I finish my degree, so that's kind of another hobby. I suck at this. ;)

I play a lot of golf during the week, and party a bit much on the weekends...those are my favorite two hobbies right now. ;)


I'm a crafter, I love doing crafts. I also love to spend time with my daughter. The outdoors, sports, riding bikes, just being outside. I also love to read!


I record production music on my computer, and sometimes we put together home movies and apply the music or sound effects to those.

(I spend a lot of time watching DVDs.)
i love watching movies that's why i have tons of dvd's here, lately i watched movies from the internet for me to save up. i love singing too and spend with my mp3 along with it singing.