Holiday music 2016 - DirecTV

I was looking ahead on the guide last week and noticed that Holidays & Happenings on channel 801 was starting on Nov 26. I dont know why, but a few days later, i checked again, and now it was starting on Nov 28. So every day i have been checking. Yesterday it was Dec 1...i actually chatted with a rep at directv who said it was starting on Dec 1. Well today, the guide says it is starting on Dec 2! Weird. It usually starts in Nov, after Thanksging I think. Any body know what is going on? ( i do not get channel 815). Thanks.

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Hoilday Music Direct Tv.

Very upset that the hoilday music isn't on yet have been waiting over a month now for it Got all exicted to turn it on after thanksgiving which is Today and Nothing ! someone needs to take a hand on this because alot of people look forward to it your letting a lot of people down Looks bad on the company.


Bah humbug to Direct tV

Very disappointing that Direct TV has no holiday spirit! Here it is Dec 6th, where the heck is the holiday music channel????


Need more Christmas Music choices

Why doesn't Directv have something similar to Holiday Traditions that Dish Network has? The trouble with your wide mix is that half of what we hear we don't like - and I have yet to hear an actual Christmas Carol!


Channel 801 is a "dead" channel in that when you click on it, nothing happens. Channel 808 is a country western channel, and I'm sorry, but I have no need to listen to Jingle Bells, White Christmas, being sung/performed by a "western" motif.
Channel 826 is a religious channel, which is fine if one wants to artists that you've never heard of !
Bring back the Holiday Channel Direct TV, or like you did by removing the Frank Sinatra Sunday Hour show several years ago, people will leave in droves to find another source. I did, and find Pandora most enjoyable.

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