Hollywood exec frets over paid piracy services

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Hollywood exec frets over paid piracy services | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"If a cheap, all-you-can download movie subscription service sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is, says one movie industry executive.

They’re called Cyberlockers, and Paramount Chief Operating Fred Huntsberry told a conference of European theater operators that these sites are the next big threat to the movie industry, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Cyberlockers seem legitimate on the surface, Huntsberry said, with a high level of polish and advertisements from unsuspecting mainstream brands, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken." ...


What a childishly selfish perspective Jared Newman projects! "I doubt the movie industry would ever want to compete with a Cyberlocker." Holy heck - does he even read what he writes? So you make something, and sell it and someone steals it from you and sells it at a lower price, and you're expected to compete with the thief? Insane! Utter self-centered myopia.


I find ironic that illegal downloaders would PAY for this crap but won't give money to the LEGITMATE persons. Anyone that uses these services deserve to get their bank account drained dry. Face it if your trust a bunch of Eastern European or Russian mafias with your bank account info you don't need to have so much money lying around anyways.


What irks me about consumers who knowingly buy anything pirated (software, movies, music, and books) is their rationale: "Well, they (being movie studios, music publishers, software companies, etc.) make millions; how does my buying bootleg stuff hurt them so much?"

Well, if only ONE person did it, it would not hurt anyone's bottom line that much. However, if thousands, tens of thousands or a few million people do it, then it does hurt the industry, and noit just the big name talents, executives or shareholders, but all those men and women whose names appear in the end credits that most people ignore when they watch a movie or play a game.

Bottom line - Getting any media content and not compensating its creators is stealing, period.


The thing that irks me about people who knowingly purchase pirated media content of any format is their rationale: "They - being the studios, music artists and publishers, software companies, and publishing houses - make millions. Why would they be so upset if I buy a bootleg copy for less than their more expensive originals?"

If only one person in the world does it, media piracy probably would be a somewhat insignificant thing. But it's not just a person starving and jobless in some dingy shelter buying cheap entertainment, it's millions of people, many of whom can easily afford to buy the movie ticket, video disc, CD, software, or book.