Hollywood Game Night


Anyone else a fan of the show Hollywood Game Night? I love Jane Lynch, and the format of having 6 celebrities each episode means that, chances are, most people will like some of the guests. Some of them are better players or funnier, but all in all I think it's a great show. I would love to get on (and not just to win money, though that is definitely a benefit!)

If you got on the show, who would you want on your team, and what games would you like to play?

Just choosing celebs who have already been on, I would pick Yvette Nicole Brown (she's won the final round twice), Rachel Bilson, and Zachary Levi (who each won the big prize once) ... though Kristen Bell, Kristin Chenoweth, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Colfer, Sean Hayes, and Gillian Jacobs, and many of the others would all be awesome, too. I would probably geek out at at least someone from every episode.

I usually do well with the brand identification games, so I'd want to play one of them. The games where you can give verbal clues would also be good. I think the one where you're blindfolded and have to spell out things would be fun, but also more difficult if your team can't communicate well. And I'd much rather try to guess TV show titles than songs, especially from humming...


Jane lynch is simply HILARIOUS in everything that she's in. I'm glad to see her in new shows even though I haven't watched HGN. Maybe I should check it out?