Hollywood Video finally closing its doors (article)


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I heard that on our local news. I haven't gone there in years. Of course, I'm not really a movie renter anyway. The movie retail store is a dying breed.


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It's a pretty bad time to be a DVD rental business. Good time for online rental though, who wants to handle a disc or any other media these days when you can download and watch at the push of a button.


I suspect our Movie Gallery will be open until they go out of business alltogether. Nearest Blockbusters is 20 miles away no other mom and pop stores here and only 1 RedBox. Over half the population can't get broadband even if they wanted too. Also they do very well renting games.


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Actually, there is a reason for it -- big screens, or bigger than a monitor. Not everyone is watching TV on their monitors. Until I got my new computer I wasn't a fan of watching anything (TV shows/movies) on it. The trend is toward larger monitors/flat screens, but we're far from everyone having them.


I surely will not miss Hollywood Video. I am sure this is just a personal and isolated incident in the store in my area, but years ago seems that somehow one of their tapes got damaged and they wanted to charge me for it, even though it was in perfect condition when I dropped it off. Since then I have never looked back or went in the store again.

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