home made antenna? can it work?

Depending upon location, placement, dimensions used, build quality, nearby trees, and buildings home made 4 bay antennas can work quite well. Looking at all four photos in the listing posted I can see a few potential problems with the build quality, but in the right location they could still work quite well.
Explanation of common youtube defect antenna can be found here.
UTube 4-Bay Bowtie - NO Reflector
A much better designed 4 bay antenna can be correctly built.
UHF Kosmic SuperQuad (9.75x9.5) NO Refl.
A well built 2 bay antenna will perform better then a poorly designed, and built 4 bay.
2 Bay Kit
A youtube video for building a much better DIY 4 bay antenna.
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Yep! Its an undersized Bay antenna that does not take into consideration that channels 52-83 are no longer used for television in the USA, but it might work well in Red China. Scale it up (grow it) by 15-20% and it could be a decent indoor attic antenna in North America.