Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have one PC on my home network that is driving me crazy. I did a hard reboot or maybe it's called a power cycle, not sure. Basically, I shut down and off everything on the network from the modem to the last item on the hard wired network. I then restarted the modem, waited for it to fully reboot. Next, I restarted my primary router and waited for it to reboot. I restarted my main PC that I use as a server/storage device, but also as a house PC. It starts fine and recognizes and logs on to my home network. Then I repower my switch in my basement and restart my shop PC. This switch also feed a PS4 and an additional wifi AP in my garage, both recognize and log onto the network just fine.

My shop PC is the one I'm having issues with, it restarts as it should, but when it searches for the home network, it can't find it. Instead, it detects an unidentified network and has no internet connection.

I have disabled and enabled it several times. I have manually entered the IP address and DNS information. I've even uninstalled it and restarted my PC. Nothing I have done changes the outcome, I continue to get the unidentified network.

How do I correct this and get back on my home network?

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