Home Router Not Connecting - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Home Router Not Connecting", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi! Anyone see this...
I have a TWC technician fix an issue with my digital converter. With it fixed he says he will go outside and check my lines. He says TV, Phone and Internet will be down for a few minutes. Everything came back up except the internet.

My setup is a Netgear Router connected to TWC Cable Modem. Everything has worked flawlessly for years. My devices connect to the Router fine. The Router was not getting an internet connection. I shutdown the Router and Cable Modem. Restarted the Cable Modem first. With all lights on, started the Router. Still no connection to the internet. I swapped wifi cable. No change. I swapped the Router to a Linksys router that I upgraded from. Same issue. It will not route through the Cable Modem. I eliminated the router and direct connected my laptop to the Cable Modem. I have full Internet!!! I then reconnected the wifi cable to the Router and I then got full internet connectivity.

Anyone have an understanding of what's going on?


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