Homemade TV Antenna designs!


(Remove if sticky'd: Alright this is just another crazy suggestion, but I have been racking my brain on this site *and probably over looking it*, I have seen dkreichen1968's plans for his antenna. I wanted to look it over again as I think I would like to give it a try, maybe modify it a bit for my scenario if needed. So my suggestion is, a sticky post for ONLY currently used designs, and maybe the 1st post *this one* editable to act as a possible table of contents, allowing viewers to click the antenna design name, or however it will be named, and skip right to that post for said antenna. Maybe more details could be added: UHF, VHF, Channel Specific *Yagi or not* Etc. I think truly Clothes Hanger antenna's could be left off the list unless deemed otherwise.)

Any copyright issues would need to be resolved or covered, if the antenna is copyrighted, then the build for testing saying would need to be covered well I imagine!

I recently bought 1/4" freezer tubing to work on a project that was made available here, and maybe test a slightly modified design, but I could not find the instructions again! So hopefully with time we could simply refer to a link from this post, and resolve some questions, while having the how-to's listed below. Please be aware, any antenna posted here would need some effort in the following


Picture(s) at least 1 (preferably 3, front, side, and rear, maybe even closeup of certain area's).

List of materials used (complete as possible).

Some sort of instructions (hopefully usable lol).

Or skip all of the above if; a link might be an option however you cannot take credit for using someone's information (not your own unless you changed the design and achieved different results)? Also the name of the antenna could not be changed to show credit for your findings, however you will be seen as posting it here?

(anything in brackets could be deleted, just notes for thoughts on my part. Not sure how much of a problem this might be, or if it would be a bad idea legally! I'm not 100% on how to utilize the linking part I suggested above lol sad I know, I made the suggestion, it just sounded good. I felt this would alleviate any time delays if the OP of said antenna's were off-line for long periods of time, and possibly stop a lot of requests for popular antenna's. Not intended to take away from said OP and the feeling of "Awesomeness" that should be awarded for each use of their design. Additionally, "Likes" are probably enabled on all posts, this would provide a great way of receiving likes, and sharing with the world how to free ourselves from the money mongers of the Cable/Satellite company's!)

While I'm going off on this mental rant. Anyone able to survey (tools to do so for antenna setups) could be added here, or even in a different sticky post. This would be more like a job request kind of thing as many people would desire such a request!

I won't be heart broken if this doesn't pan out! If it is something that you would consider I'm available to discuss any questions you might have, not sure if that is even needed lol. Legally, I have no words to use to deem this a good idea! I would thing that would be the biggest concern, if it isn't I feel this is a good idea (I just don't want the forum/site to be victim of some form of lawsuit over my crazy idea! I would like to help in this if there is help needed.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated in my opinion!


Maybe something already exists for this idea?!
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