Hope this doesn't happen to you! - DirecTV

Lets start by saying I have been a Direct Tv customer since 2011. Today that relationship has come to an end and I hope to make as many people aware of my situation to prevent them from having to deal with Direct TV.

Around two months ago my TV picture started to freeze regularly and prevented us from watching anything. At first I attributed the issue to bad weather or just bad luck. I attempted to wait out the problem but found the issue was not correcting itself. As soon as I was able to I contacted Direct TV and informed them of the service problem. I spoke with a friendly representative who informed me that in October they installed an update that had caused some problems with the service. I was informed that the problem was many customers in my area and they were waiting for additional customers called in to report the issue so they could gather more information to repair the issue. I was told that as of now there is no time frame for when the issue would be resolved. I asked if a service repairman could try to respond to check the issue and was informed that it was not an issue that could be fixed at my home. I asked if I could be refunded any of the past two months bills due to not having service and was told I could not be refunded any of the amount. Although I will add that they agreed to give me a whopping $25 credit for the upcoming month. You can only imagine my excitement at the possibility to only have to pay $100 for service that does not work as opposed to $125.

Well fast forward 11 days and I have become more frustrated waiting for the problem to fix itself. I have Direct TV for one reason and that is to watch my football team play on TV. I have now missed their last 5 games due to this problem. Today I decided I was done paying $125 a month for TV "service" that did not work. The customer service rep answered by saying "thank you for being a valued customer since 2011" how can I assist you. I informed her that I wanted to cancel my service due to it not working. I was informed that I would be charged a $140 "early" cancellation fee, due to moving into a different residence 18 months ago.

At this point I asked to speak with a supervisor in hopes that when I explained the situation they would be understanding and try to assist this valued customer since 2011. I couldn't have been more wrong. Supervisor Shakura employee number 1006-15148 was more rude and impatient than any customer service worker I have ever spoken with. Shakura stated that I could not be reimbursed any amount because she could not "verify" that my TV has not been working. I reminded her that the last representative I spoke with informed me that she could see my TV problems appeared to have started shortly after they installed the problematic update.

Shakura told me that if someone was really having a problem they would've called a couple times by now to have the problem fixed. I informed Shakura that this is the second time I have called. Shakura told me that I needed to give them a chance to fix the problem and that the second call was only because I wanted to cancel my service. I asked Shakura what she would do if she was in my shoes. Shakura told me she would send a representative out to fix the problem. I reminded her that the last person I spoke with told me this could not be fixed by a service rep due to it being a problem with an update that was performed. Shakura than started telling me the process to dispute the charges. I attempted to speak with her about something she had said and she continued to speak over me not letting me ask her a question. I asked her if she was ever going to let me talk and her response was "I was talking first, you were the one interrupting me."

In short I have spent the last two hours dealing with this issue and have only come away more frustrated. I asked Shakura how many months I have to pay for a service that is not working before I can cancel without a large fee. Shakura reminded me that there is nothing they can do to reimburse anything and that I could not cancel without the fee. As of now nothing is still resolved. Although I have decided to steer clear of this company in the future.

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