Hopper vs Genie - Which is the best overall?



I'm pricing up Dish Network and DirecTV and their costs are pretty close with 2-year contract and whole-home DVR. Question is, which DVR is better?

One thing I really hate about my current DirecTV HD DVR is that it's so slow and laggy when changing channels or going through the menu. Have they fixed that?

Also, how well does the auto-hop or auto-skip feature on the Hopper work? Can you set it to automatically skip all commercials for every show you record or do you have to manually do it for each recording?

I'd appreciate any feedback.


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DirecTV - The new HR44 is supposed to be very fast, faster than the HR34. It is slowly being rolled out.

Dish - Autohop works pretty well. It only works with select primetime anytime (PTAT) recordings. I believe there's a small icon in the guide that tells you if the program is hoppable and you'll only be able to hop from the day after the show airs onwards. And yes I believe you need to enable it once during the show.

DirecTV has 5 tuners that can tune any channels whereas Dish has 3 tuners. However Dish has primetime anytime where it simply records the whole primetime block on the big 4 networks and keeps it for 8 days. This allows 6 programs to be recorded in primetime, but 4 of those have to be primetime network programming.
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If you go with more than 1 Hopper, the scuttlebutt is that Dish is raising the receiver fee from $7 to $14 for the 2nd+ Hopper on 5/22/2013 so that's another consideration.

They are also raising the DVR fee on the whole house system from $10 to $14.

These changes make their fees more in line with what DirecTV charges amd may wipe out any cost advantage that Dish has.

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