Horrible Install - DirecTV

Hi, I am 9 days post-install and frustration continues as no one has been in touch with me. So I'll try here as well. Last Friday, 1/20 two gentleman came to my newly renovated home to install phone, internet, and cable. One from AT&T and one from DirectTV. I have had cable and internet installed in many homes over the years and never had an issue. I was inside during the install - both came in at the end to ensure both were working properly, etc. Shortly after they left, I needed to run an errand and walked out my front door to find black cables strung across the FRONT of my home - right on my front door, some loosely hanging, and two holes drilled into the original siding from my 1920 home (that we so carefully worked to maintain during the renovation). The siding obviously cracked under the pressure of the drilling. They HOT GLUED it back together and onto the side of the house. I immediately called both of the guy’s numbers. The Direct TV guys said he would talk to his supervisor and get back to me. Have not heard from him. I called the manager’s number on AT&T’s contact list and left him a voicemail. No response. So I reached out via Facebook so I could share the photos. I would hope that someone would see them and be as appalled as I was. They did respond saying they would have someone contact me. After not hearing from anyone I reached out again several days later and received a snappy response about “give us some time”. Uh no. I have kept my cool and my tone has been nothing but pleasant… but now I am mad. And I have people coming to visit and will have to explain the eye-sore on the front of my home. I need to hear from someone today on when they will be sending someone out to remove these black cords and put them in a reasonable and hidden location. Thank you, Erica

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