Horrible service - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Horrible service", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I contacted you yesterday because my internet was not working. Apparently there is no online signal. I was told it was my moden so I went and bought a new one last night. Hooked it up and called to get it connected. Again no online signal. They tell me the soonest a technician can come out is Monday. That is 4 days without service including during the new year which makes it worse. Not to mention your large outdoor box for the community is sitting wide open with cable cords from another persons unit running across the back of my fence to the box. The box and cable cords have been like this for almost a year. It is unacceptable you cannot send someone for 4 days and even worse the sloppy work that was done outside. This will be the third time your service has failed new years eve ruining my plans. Your responses are unacceptable. If I were a business you would be here within the hour.

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