Hours on calls to UVERSE BILLING - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Hours on calls to UVERSE BILLING I still haven't gotten my new account straightened out. I called to cancel my Uverse in July 2016, when my contract ended. I spent almost an hour listening to agent talk up Direct TV & coerce me into trying that service. I explained my bottom line price to spend. On the day I was to have my new service installed, I received a call from Direct TV asking about what they were installing. They asked if they were installing cable. I was not sure, due to the fact I did not get my order confirmation until the following day. I was not able to reschedule due to the fact I would be away on holiday for the next 3 weeks. I asked AT&T to suspend my service until I was able to have Direct TV. When I received my Bill for the order, it was not at all what I was told when I ordered this Direct TV/ Uverse Internet Service. This billing price was not accurate according to what my AT&T order summary stated. I attempted atleast 3 times to try to get this corrected. I called AT&T Uverse again and after over 1 hour & transferred 3 times I wanted to cancel my service. The Manager Jeff yelled at me & would not let me explain what was happening. I have been paying my bill according to the order bill summary. It seems that AT&T added on services I never asked for or wanted. I found out today that they added service protection plan. I feel this is deception on the part of AT&T. Many people would probably have paid their bill not realizing At&T added this service. This protection plan was not on my order summary nor did I want it. I also had a wireless genie malfunctioning since I received it. This genie does not work at all. This switching my Uverse to Direct TV & dealing with hours on the phone with AT&T has been extremely stressful. I wanted to cancel my service with AT&T Uverse & Direct TV . The manager Jeff continued ranting & told me if I cancelled I would be charged extensive fees & $25 per month for 2 years. I feel this is an UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE. I have copies of my order summary & my phone log to show how many times I phoned AT&T & how long I spent on the phone with them.