House of Cards - Netflix most watched show

While Netflix isn't revealing exact data, it has said that their original series House of Cards has been the most watched show from their collection of streaming video. Whether that was a surprise, a sigh of relief, or completely expected based on projections looking at their Big Data set which can accurately determine watching habits and preferences, they have yet to reveal that information.

House of Cards is Exceptional

According to a posting yesterday on TechCrunch, 10% of subscribers of the Netflix service have watched almost half the series on average, which alludes to the success of the unique binge-approach Netflix <em>gambled</em> with. Their numbers were pulled from survey results that Cowen and Company, a financial services firm, gathered after polling 1200 people.

Approximately 28% of the 1200 that were surveyed were paying subscribers of the Netflix streaming service with another 18% having indirect access to Netflix through a friend, a relative or other means. 90% of those that watched the show appreciated the binge-dump and had taken advantage of the availability. 80% enjoyed the show, describing it as "exceptional" or "good." 86% of the watchers do not anticipate cancelling their Netflix subscriptions post-binge.

Increasing subscriber base via hype and Big Data

Of the total lot surveyed by Cowen and Company, 34% were made of aware of the Arrested Development and/or House of Cards original series because of the hype surrounding them. More awareness of the brand and the plans for original programming, could no doubt increase the subscriber base for Netflix.

23% of the Netflix subscribers surveyed had cut their cable or satellite service in favor of video on demand streaming, and watch on average 8.5 hours of streaming video each week. An average of 2.5 streaming devices (TV, computer, set-top box, or handheld device, etc.) were used per account.

Like any "subscriber list" in general, those that subscribe to Netflix and enjoy House of Cards, might also retain membership in favor of future offerings, and in the case of Netflix, past offerings as well. A statement pulled from Kyle VanHemert from, Big Data suggests that "subscribers who watched the original series," "were also likely to watch movies directed by David Fincher and enjoy ones that starred Kevin Spacey."

Mr. Steven Rosenbaum binge watched a TV show, and he liked it

Additionally, it seems binge-viewing is converting "old school" TV watchers. As Steven Rosenbaum, contributor at points out, his original inflection about Netflix House of Cards "was wrong." He says that he binged, starting at one episode in a day to a marathon spanning multiple locations (2 ends of the world) on 4 different devices (his Roku, iPad, iPhone and Tivo), and, well, he "liked it."

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