Houston Has 109 Free TV Channels


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How do you get your TV? These days, using only "rabbit ears," you may be able to pick up more than 100 channels for free.

Accountant Bob Martin remembers when there were only 3 television channels – and you had to get up from your chair to change them.

But today, using a small antenna aimed at the TV transmission towers in Missouri City, Martin is able to tune in 109 different digital channels.

He says the process isn't really that hard.

"If it's built into the television, it's really easy," said Martin. "You go to the settings and you just tell it to scan for digital channels. It's a little more complicated if you have a converter box."

Taking a closer look at what's available, VAN-TV on channel 55.2 delivers local programming in the Vietnamese language.

And Channel 20.2 now carries movies, 24 hours a day.

As for Bob Martin, he estimates he'll only watch maybe 5-10 percent of these channels. But unlike cable or satellite, he's not paying for any of them.
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SWHouston may be able to verify the channel count. Anyway, I currently have 24 English language channels here in central Colorado with GetTV coming in the Fall. I get the big 5 networks from both the Colorado Springs and Denver markets, plus 5 PBS channels, THIS, Bounce, MeTV, Antenna TV, and three local news and/or weather channels. KUSA just switched their dot 2 channel from a 4:3 corner box accuweather stream to a 16:9 (480i widescreen) version of Weather Nation, which was a great improvement. It's a great complement to KMGH's 24/7 news channel.


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I have 43 channels at last count - about 25 of them have things I watch at least sometimes. Useless (to me) channel count includes 3 "infomercial" channels, 3 religious channels, and 4 foreign language channels. But I'm not paying for them, so I don't care.

A ratio of 25/43 (58%) channels actually watched is a lot better than the 35/150 channels (23%) I watched when I was paying for TV.

Still, I sure am jealous of all those channels in Houston, especially the movie networks.


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SWHouston may be able to verify the channel count.
That's probably close, but he'd have to rotate to get that many, and need a full range Antenna as well.
However, a practical viewing number is more like 80-85 (Missouri City Farm only), and several of the Main Channels have Subs which don't have anything transmitted on them other than they just show up on the count. Personally, I may intermittently watch as many as Nine or Ten, and focus on about Four or Five.


Why am I not getting TBN(channel 14.1), the Church Channel (channel 14.2), and Daystar (channel 22.1) anymore with my converter box. Until last Monday 9-22-2014, I didn't have a problem catching these channels? What is happening? I live in Houston, Tx.

God Bless You,

Something probably broke down at a transmitter site, or they failed financially. The devil did it.
Give the broadcaster a call if you can find a number. Send them an Email. Things change in broadcasting. It's probably temporary. I live in an area of the country where the change has been constant for years, and not always for the better.


At first I thought it was odd that both 14 and 22 would be gone, but it could be that both channels have their transmitters on the same tower, ergo both stations could be powered down or off for tower repairs or maintenance. Like Steve suggested, contact them and ask.

Good Luck and let us know.