How About Cord-Cutting As A Summer Job?


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As high school and college kids settled into summer jobs last July, the unemployment rate among 16-to-24 year-olds was the lowest in several years. Still, some 50% of the age group weren’t working. To be sure, some were in school or doing other things deemed productive. But how many had parents saying quit with the video games and get out of the house?

So, to any of the badgered this summer, there's a job waiting that allows one to become an instant small business owner: cord-cutter. Barely any start-up costs and setting one’s own hours should be enticements. Sure, it would take a lot of knocking on doors and braving the hot sun, but frustration and ignorance regarding pay-TV subscriptions would seem to offer the potential for good money.

The business plan would likely get an F at Harvard Business School. But the guy who founded FedEx allegedly got a C laying his plans out at Yale. So, isn’t there a D waiting for someone who can save a consumer a boatload of money and still offer them a more than satisfactory amount of entertainment options?

In any case, forget the ivory tower, the aim for now is simply to make enough money to help with expenses in the coming school year and get mom off one's back.

What to call the venture? It would have to be something that’s easily understandable during a pitch at the door or ad on a telephone pole. Cord-Cutters, Inc. is probably only good as the parent company. TV Gratis? Cable Saviors?

The fundamentals of the business are sound: offer options to drop a pricey pay-TV subscription, then set up the preferred choices for a fee. Cord-cutters would also pay for the needed equipment – whether it be an antenna, Roku box, etc.

What should TV Gratis charge? Considering its solutions would presumably save thousands of dollars, perhaps a percentage of a yearly cable bill?
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Interesting idea, but you may want to offer lawn mowing as a sideline. Since the iView 3500STB is between production runs and buggy, I'm not sold on any cable DVR replacements at the moment. That doesn't mean that there isn't money to be made in antenna installations and education of consumers about online options. ;)