How bad do you want a Swine Flu vaccine shot?


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I posted it to shake people into seeing the crap going on. I hate fear tactics, and the media is doing the country and world a HUGE dis-service promoting this as the end of the known world. It's just something they know will keep viewers when they should be reporting hard news.

Well if you go by the statistics of the previous last minute swine vaccine, you don't want to take it.
Geez here it is again. the NORMAL seasonal Flu kills more than 30,000 AMERICANS every year, yet this 'end of the world pandemic' has killed maybe 20 in the WORLD.

It's the flu, people, NOT the Bubonic Plague. the media doesn't know a real pandemic yet they seem to love showing comparisons to the Spanish Flu of 1918. geez people don't you know medical science has come a long way since 1918?!

It's so sad that first it was Anthrax, SARS, Bird Flu, West Nile, Killer Bees, Ebola, Mad Cow, Mad Deer, Conficker now this.

People say 'well panicing over it gets the message out and is the reason it was no big deal' but i cry 'FELDERCARB!' on that one. it's just overhyped to generate ratings when they run out of stuff to report.

The people say news is only good if it's bad, but when i hear this frakking stuff i just turn the TV off. i prefer to hear about the good things in the world; i already know people are killing everyone how about something different?!


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Slow news days cause more trouble and lead us closer to big brother than any real news, even bad real news. And they love "dirty laundry".

If you compare the real facts as you point out, the the seasonal flu is super pandemic by their standards.

Drunks kill between 15,000 to 16,000 people a year (including themselves) in automobile crashes. That is 500% more than died on 9/11! And every year!

So since 9/11, 120,000 people have been killed by drunks. That is 4000 percent more people died than in 9/11. So who are the terrorists?

So in the United States, you can go to a bar, get drunk, be glad in a lot of states people can't smoke there anymore, get in your car, and on the way home kill someone.

Yet drinking and driving continues and is still socially acceptable in a lot of circles.
Being hit by lightning kills more than Swine Flu. you'd think people would have learned that it was no big deal when the same 'threat' happened in 1976.

Slipping and falling to your death in the shower kills more than Swine Flu.

And 3M paint masks will NOT save you from the virus. those only protect against bacteria, not the spread of viruses.

Y2K all over again. people say that was a real threat and it was properly done with but i think the worst thing that would've happened had the CMOS clocks in PCs not been fixed would be your bank statement being shown in the date January 1, 1980, NOT planes falling from the sky or the electrical grid blowing up. geez i laughed my head off the first time i read that report.

I had a 386DX/33 that was still in use during 1/01/2000(and NOT Y2K Compliant) and i rebooted it and and the first thing it stated was:

CMOS CheckSum Error. Date/Time incorrect.

And when i hit 'F1 to continue' it booted DOS and said 'The current Date is January 1, 1980. Enter new date.'

Annoying, but not the apocalypse. computers when failing a date always default to Jan 1980. the year '1901' is impossible for a computer to accept. it only goes as far as January 1, 1980, the year the IBM-PC was first released according to legend. so when the computer failed changing '99' to '01' it thought '01' was impossible so it defaulted to '1-01-80' instead. you could still set it to 12-31-99 too.

OH and DUIs continue because someone up there in Capital Hill thought Driving is a Right instead of a Priviledge and that a suspended or revoked DL can be re-issued no matter how many DUIs you commit.

Now. if they could take their license away forever (appropriate if they're stupid enough to drink and drive) after a few years there'd be a lot on foot, and that would be the proper PSA. no more car. no more driving. period.

First offense, no more car. never. ever. walk buddy or call a friend.

WHY is that so hard?! i watch Cops and i see people caught for their 19th DUI. NINETEENTH!!!!
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Is that ever true!
Yeah, I saw about 2 years ago Anderson Cooper on a slow news days point out the dangers of potato cannons, like they were the newest thing. How they needed to be outlawed.

We need to outlaw news stories like that! I was so ************ed off I never watched him again, nor since.

It showed a complete lack of professionalism to me.

Actually I used to be a huge news watcher. Now it's all BS crap and I watch BBC on PBS to get some idea of what is going on. Not that they don't have an agenda but less of one.

After all what difference does it make? They report soft tabloid crap.

Even if they did report stuff real stuff because you can find it in some corners, the public prefers any more to hear sound bites, small little sentence they can repeat and not understand. Give them a banner and they will wave that too. It's like they think the world is a high school foot ball game.

End of Rant......
Breaking News! 35 people died from Swine Flu since Spring!!! Geez i think it's time to take a dive into a bomb shelter ahhh!

Seriously 35 compared to the 30,000 in a normal Flu Season. geez. that's small potatoes don't ya think? put a name in front of 'Flu' it somehow makes it worse.

How about Bee Flu? or maybe Dog Flu? geez can you imagine the full animal shelters with stories like that one?

I feel sorry for all the pigs that were culled, even though it's not possible to get Swine Flu from eating pork

Whenever someone here sneezes everybody evacuates the area. sheesh next thing it'll be like the witch hunts. they'll say 'SWIIINNNE FLU ARREST HIM' just like the crap which went on in Salem.

Worst joke since the Conficker worm. sheesh didn't anyone see the trigger date ironically being April Fool's day a little bit of a giveaway?
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Actually if you read updated numbers it's getting closer to 600 deaths in the United States. It still seems to be mostly children with existing medical conditions.
The Associated Press: CDC study: Swine flu deaths higher in older kids

I checked the above article against the CDC report.
CDC 2009 H1N1 Flu
You will need to click some links on that page for more info but some of the interesting ones I found were
CDC 2009 H1N1 Flu | 2009 H1N1 U.S. Situation Update
CDC H1N1 Flu | WHO Pandemic Declaration

Note that calling the Swine Flu a pandemic is not related to how sever the disease is or has become, but the area to which it has spread.

Most people think Pandemic means bad nasty bug.
Flus of any kind are nature's way of controlling weak/sick populations.

NOT the end of the world.

I forgot one. 6/6/06. lol

Flus are treatable though. now if it were a disease with NO CURE...oh wait. in the 1980s everyone was completely ignorant about AIDS. any kid with HIV or AIDS nearby the table at lunch was empty. how sad. the phamplets made the whole thing a nationwide panic.

How many people you suppose die from terminal cancer treatments? i am sure it's more than the Swine Flu.

If people aren't washing their hands then they need to die. that kind of lack of personal hygene i don't want around here.


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I have been a hand washer for about 15 years. I had nurse show me some information on hands, door knobs, etc. Convinced me and it's nice have clean hands. Plus if nothing else it keeps your keyboards cleaner!