How can I improve TV reception?



I've had my trusty old rabbit ears antenna for over 10 years now and every once in a while I have to move it around the room to get better reception. Is there a way that I can boost reception without having to replace my antenna?

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We have had many similar inquiries here but for us to help you, we need to see your free antenna survey available here: TV Fool Please copy and paste the resulting URL so we can study it and make recommendations.



Indoor antennas are subject to a multitude of interferences.

If you have strong enough signals for an indoor antenna, you also have strong enough signal for it to bounce off every metallic object in your house, for appliances to AC ducting to even the people walking around.

If your signal is slightly weaker, you are plagued by attenuation, walls and furniture and once again people walking around absorb some of the signal, causing dropouts of pixellation.

To further complicate matters, absorption and reflection vary from frequency to frequency, so one channel may be Ok while another is a problem with your indoor antenna located in one place.

Moving an indoor antenna around only moves the problems around.

When I was limited to an indoor antenna, I used a small outdoor antenna indoors, attached to a broom handle hanging from a hook.

That antenna being more directional than rabbit ears and other indoor types, has better off axis signal rejection and therefore gets a better signal from where I wanted it and not from where I did not want it.