How can I tell if my TV is a digital TV?


How can I tell if my TV is digital? I have been getting reception all year long, but now that our low power TV towers converted to digital, my TV doesn't work.


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Greetings Earl, and welcome to the Forum :welcome:

It kinda sounds like you have a reception strength problem, but, let's get some information just to make sure where we're going here.

Tell us what Make an Model your TV is.
If you know what kind of Antenna you're using, that too.
Tell us, are you now, useing a Converter Box for your TV reception ?

Just one more thing at this time...
You'll need to show us a Chart on your location, and here's how to do that.

There's a website called TVFool at...
just follow the instructions, and copy/paste the link it provides you for your Chart, into your next post here.

If you have trouble with doing that, read the following link... (actually Post #2 of that Thread)
it will give you detailed instructions.

Once we get some information, we can go from there.

Have a good Day ! :)
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