How difficult is it to replace burned out light bulbs on a DLP


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My bulbs lasted 3 years before they burnt out on my Samsung which is pretty good I guess. Two questions: 1. How difficult is it to change out the bulbs and 2. Is it even worth it to replace the bulbs or should I go for a deal on a newer LCD HDTV? I'm not sure if LCD light bulbs last longer but it seems like an expensive investment long term to keep my DLP.


The bulbs are only $100 or so right? DLP's have a pretty good picture, I'd probably keep it if it's a bigger sized TV.
When I was looking at one of these, the salesman show me how easy it was to access and change it. Once I learned how much the bulbs cost and how often I had to replace them I backed off.


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Unless you watch a lot of TV you are not going to be changing the lamp often.

We still have the original lamp from 2006 with barely 1000 hours on the TV. From what I hear that's like 1/3 the life.