How do I convert these TVs?

A couple of years ago, I treated my self (for xmas) to a big screen TV, and now I understand
the change that is coming up in 2009, I won’t get any reception from same, without a Converter
Box, or buy another HDtv? I also have two 19″ tvs., in other rooms, and one (1)in my base- ment.

My question is, do I need a converter box for each one of these TVs or can I have them share a connection to one converter?


The converters tune in one specific channel, so while it is theoretically possible to hook things up with only one converter in the mix (as long as your home is wired for cable, and you do NOT have cable, so that wiring is available for this purpose; or your home is wired for use of a central antenna, and you are not using it for that purpose otherwise), it would be exceedingly difficult to change channels as you'd be continually running to the room that has the box it in, and of course you'd be forced to watch the same channel on all of your televisions.

Plan on having one converter for each analog television.
Or buy a remote control extender (can be bought at RadioShack) to make it where you can use the remote from any room. that way you don't have to go back and forth to channel-surf. Dish network has receivers for satellite that do very similar, but of course unless you live alone, the only limitation is that you won't have the ability to watch two different programs on two different TVs. i wonder if a dual-tuner converter is planned? because using the cable ports is handy since you only need one antenna, but then if you had two boxes unless they're located where the antenna is you will need two antennas. i tried to use two boxes inside, since my antenna is outside the only way that's going to work is hooking it to one box and have the box's output go to the park cable port, but then that means i won't have the ability to hook the other box up unless it was in the same location as the first box. or buy two antennas.


Dual-tuner capability isn't going to be enough, because that would still leave you with two video streams coming out the other side, but only one cable to connect to. Rather, there would have to be some way of putting one of the two tuners onto one channel, and the other of the two tuners onto another channel, on the same broadcast stream. I've never seen a device that does that available for sale to the mass-market.

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