how do I copy K dramas with subtitles?


I have a copy program that copies Korean dramas onto my desktop. How can I transfer the file directly to a flash drive instead of copying it to a blank dvd? I can copy the dvd from the dvd drive to my flash drive but it does not include the sub-titles. I want to watch the K dramas on a flash drive during flights to save the battery on my laptop which does not have a dvd drive. And need the sub-titles to understand the dramas. Help!!


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So you're able to copy to a flash drive and play the videos, but they do not have the subtitles? Hmm. Sounds like you need a different type of a viewer (software or hardware). What kind of a device are you using to view the videos on the airplane?


Just bought the Acer laptop from Costco, which will be used for the first time. It is powered by An AMD c50 processor. I can copy English movies and the K dramas with no problem. Just can't get the subtitles. When I play the parts of the video from the DVD drive, I can actuate the subtitles, but they do not pick up on the copy. Had handbrake, but it just takes too long to copy. This set happens to have 7 discs.
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