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For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, How do I make OnDemand stop cutting programs short? I tried to catch up on an episode of Westworld from HBO, which was listed as 1:03 long. OnDemand said it was 1:00 even, and cut off the last three minutes! What's worse, I DVR'ed the program as well, and though it was scheduled to start at 10:00 PM, and to run to 11:03 PM, HBO ran late. The first few minutes recorded were previews and promos. Eventually, about four minutes into the recording, the show started. And after one exact hour, the recording stopped, without the final few minutes of the show! That's happening more and more lately. How do I set the DVR to record a few extra minutes before and after scheduled times to make sure I get the whole show? And how do I get OnDemand to show the entire show, even if there are a few extra minutes displayed on the information screen?
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