How do I program a new remote? - DirecTV

A few months ago I bought a new Directv remote from you. My Directv DVR player had also burned out and you replaced it. The Tech came and installed the DVR and programmed the new remote I bought from you. I began having problems with this remote a couple weeks ago. I thought it was the batteries so I replaced them which didn't help so I bought better batteries and they didn't help either. I can't change channels, even if I call up the guide and manage to get to the channel I want, hit the select button, nothing happens. This remote is a lemon. I still have the remote that came with the DVR in the original package but I have no idea how to program it. I am a disabled 73 yr old female with poor eyesight due to insulin dependent Diabetes and no electronic know how. It is difficult getting up to change channels on the TV because of my disability. Can you please tell me how to program this remote in terms I can understand.

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