How do i speak to someone about horrible customer service and issues - DirecTV

So I signed up for Directv a couple months ago. Last month my local regional sports network came up with a 721 error and i spent over an hour talking to DTV CSR's. IT was escalated and a couple days later the channel worked again. Tonight i get the same message. CS tells me that the game is blacked out (Warriors games arent ever blacked out). Then he says i can go watch it on the internet... maybe ESPN. Seriously. Then he disconnects. So I call backa nd I am told that channel isnt part of my package. I pull up the channel lilsting online and let them know it IS part of it. So i go on hold again. Then I get transferred to someone else (with no notification they are doing it). He has no idea why and can "escalate" it again. I ask who I can talk to so i dont keep having this issue and he says that there isnt anyone and all that can be done is the escalation.
So does anyone know someone I can talk to in order to get this straightened out? I am tired of people lying or saying they cant do anything when I want to watch a channel i pay for.

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