How do I tune PIP cable for digital?

I have Comcast so I do not need a converter box. My local stations went digital early (April 15). The little picture in my Picture In Picture is clear as a bell, but the local channels that went digital on the big picture are very fuzzy. I have tried the reprogram function numerous times, but still fuzzy.
Does anyone know what I need to do? Thanks! I'm tired of the snow!

Jason Fritz

Staff member
When you're saying, "I have tried the reprogram function numerous times," where is this option? On your remote control or your television?

Basic cable service from Comcast is still being broadcasted in analog, not digital, (all cable and satellite companies are required to broadcast analog signals until 2012). It seems odd that you're receiving a good picture on PIP. It makes me think you have accidently changed the input (or source) on the TV to antenna on accident?

If that's not the case, you may want to contact Comcast and have them troubleshoot your cable service (but do this at your own monetary risk, not at my suggestion :p)

Before you do that, doublecheck the following:

  • check the coax cable from your wall outlet to your TV and make sure the connections are tight
  • If you have a VCR or DVD player, put a movie in and check the quality of picture. If it's as fuzzy as your cable service, your TV is probably going bad.
  • Do you have any other TV connected to basic cable in the house? If so, check the picture on it, if it's fuzzy also then you'll know it's your cable service.

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