How do you find what you were watching before?



I'm searching through on demand, they say 'hey because you watched this movie, you should try this one'.
I press play, I paused it, and BECAUSE THIS DVR DOESN'T STAY PAUSED LONG ENOUGH (don't even tell me it stays paused for an hour, that is a lie.) it goes to live TV, which is moronic, If I wanted the TV on, I'd have turned it back on.

Now I can't find the movie, WHY isn't in my previously played section?

This makes no sense to me, the only reason I'm using this DVR, is Xfinity took "on demand" away from TiVo

TiVo software in the year 2000 > Xfinity in 2021.

"How do you find what you were watching before?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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