How Do You Receive TV?


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.. And my OTA TV is well received at my household. Especially on the day that the pay TV bill USED to come.
I've been cable-free for about 5 months now. It's just too darn expensive for the little amount I would watch it. I catch my shows online and use the TV strictly for video games!
I agree cable became too expensive for us to, in all honestly no one really watched it anyway. We were spending money on something we didnt use. If we are that bothered then we watch a show online these days.


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Well I get TV from both OTA and cable. I have toyed with the idea of cutting cable, but I can't because my wife loves HGTV and I watch Discovery. Maybe one day when we get fed up of those channels and/or the rate hikes.

Fringe Reception

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Did you guys see that picture??? Jim is that your house, lol

That's pretty close to what my roof looked like in the 1970s. A Finco FM-5 - the best dependable DX was from a station in Eugene, OR and they had a sub-carrier that carried Oregon State orange-ball games, a 'cut-to-channel' 4 Yagi, a high-low VHF combo Yagi, a 'cut-to-12' Yagi, a 'cut-to-62' Blonder-Tongue Yagi, a 1/2 wave CB vertical, a 3-element CB vertical beam Yagi, a 4-BTV with 80 meter top loading coil, a VHF and a UHF Police scanner ground plane antennas, and two stranded copper wire horizontal dipoles, one for 15 meters and the other for 40. Plus, I had a test-mast...

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well been with cable TV and will still with that and also now some days ago purchased an converter box, but well the results in my town is a disaster, so seem that will decorate my tv the converter box, is almost impossible see digital TV over air , breaks, pixellation, black screen, is the system that Chile use is Robust enough? answer NO.
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