Question: How does BBC America compare to PBS?

I ask as PBS has traditionally been the main US importer of BBC programs but now BBC America is on the scene and delivering newer and more popular BBC content to American viewers. BBC America also do quite a few documentaries which tend to be more watchable (though not necessarily more informative) than PBS series often are. This is the BBC's commercial arm so BBC America is still quite lightweight compared to PBS, but might it be a better alternative for floating American viewers of UK TV?

PBS viewers, what do you think of BBC America?


I don't get BBC America, so all of their shows that I've seen, I've done so through streaming or DVD. They seem to have a lot more of the sci-fi shows, whereas PBS shows the period pieces. I like shows that are on both.

I *wish* I could get BBC America, but not at the exorbitant cost of whatever cable package I'd need to get it. (Even when I had cable, it was never included.)


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I can get PBS and several other US public TV offerings for free OTA, on FTA Satellite, and on line. There are even dedicated Roku PBS and PBS Kids Roku channels. I can access BBC America on my Roku - sometimes - but it involves guerrilla tactics and voodoo (using PlayOn and some obscure scripts). Too many hoops to jump through!

If there were a dedicated, official and FREE BBC America channel for Roku, I would watch it. Even then, PBS has better content IMHO.
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