How does ebay sellers get away with these antennas

I have seen all these antennas on ebay that said they will get recption for up to a 100 miles or more and compared these antennas to some of the top antennas on the market. They say these antennas will work well even in rural areas. My question is how can adervertise this if its not true, these sellers have a great reveiw. I was told on this web site a few mouths ago that these antennas is worthless. I still havent tryed one yet, I know where I live at they isnt a big difference between a pair of rabbit ears with a booster and a large antenna with antenna with a booster all this really doesnt make sense to me. My question again are the ebay antennas anygood or is it just a skam.


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My question again are the ebay antennas anygood or is it just a skam.
It’s just like any advertising. Buyer beware! For example, Chrysler tries to convince the public that they make good cars, vans and trucks. Yet we know from experience that they make very poor cars, vans and trucks. On the other hand, we know from experience that Honda makes great cars, vans and trucks. That’s why Honda doesn’t have to advertise their products very much.

In my experience, I’ve only seen one antenna on Ebay that’s worth considering. The Tune-A-Tenna. It’s a great antenna and performs in accordance with its listing on Ebay. I know because I bought one.


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There's a thread on a different forum where a poster uses one of these e-bay specials to identify hot spots in a fringe area. See: High Def Forum - Your High Definition Community & High Definition Resource - View Single Post - Central NY fringe antenna questions
The poster reports in part;

After this June , I bought a small digital TV for my camper. Said camper has a 20' antenna pole, with one of the cosmic-looking mini-antennas sold on Ebay. From China and for sale all over. Comes with a built in rotator and 20 dB amp and maybe 2' wide and long. Looks like a joke, but for $35 I tried it.

To my surprise, I put the camper in 4WD and drove it up on the mountain behind my house. I was able to get many channels. So, I got really enthused and decided to try researching the digital change a bit and trying some real antennas.

Which proves the important point about any antenna, location can make or break an antenna!

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schemes and scams


You didn't post any links to the 'suspect' antennas. However, I verify the Tuna-a-Tenna is the real McCoy, as Unicore posted earlier.

Get Rich Quick schemes aren't new.

During the Alaska Goldrush, a man sold 'special machines' to potential gold diggers waiting for their passage on the Seattle Piers to go to Alaska that would conquer the mosquito problems they would encounter upon their arrival. His product was two wood blocks wrapped in brown paper, tied with string. The buyers were told to NOT open the package until they landed in Alaska. Two wood blocks (like a sanding blocks for woodworking) ... one in each hand ... smack them together at the right time and the skeeter dies. SCAM!

During WW2 there was a MAJOR shortage or ethlene glyclol for anti-freeze for personal cars. One man found a solution (!!!) which was salt water he 'bottled' from Puget Sound and sold to unsuspecting customers. That guy was jailed. SCAM!

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HTNut, et al,

My typing skills suck and so sorry to EV that I mis-speeled the name, however I am trying to learn to use both of my index fingers to type at the same time. :dunce: LOL

Seriously, EV's antenna is one of few antenna choices that have been updated (specifically engineered) for the 'reduced band' 51 and lower.

This Friday, I am scheduled to receive a copy of his antenna for my personal analysis comparing it to several other common antennas that have earned good reputations ... so stand by for forthcoming reports. ... but NOT NOW, as its currently 19 degrees outside! (Global warming, no doubt).

Thanks here is the antennas I am talking about on ebay, this is the item number of one the antennas 390048771272 in which I am taking about they claim to have the highest rated antenna sold on ebay. If you look at this antenna on ebay there chart shows there antenna more over twice as good as just a arial tower. I have seen that the Tuna-a-Tenna is the best antenna on ebay, I have also heard also good reviews on the 8 bay antennas, which run about 70 dollars on ebay, I have a top of the line antenna i brought at radio shack years ago, it had a mile range at the time of 100 miles on uhf but I never had picked near that as a matter of fact I cant get anything within over 50 miles on uhf but on vhf I get up to 75 miles. Do any think maybe if I get a 8 bay antenna this may help here is my plot form tv fool

TV Fool

For anyone who can help me thanks


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Most of the Chinese eBay antennas have shoddy electronics, poor quality control, and while most have some more or less solid design elements, they are designed mostly for the Chinese television spectrum, which is a bit different from the US. That is why their VHF elements are almost always short.

There is one that I like though...well actually 2.

This one...which I havent tested yet...

and this one, with all the electronics removed except the 2 circuit board baluns...



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think i will give a satellite dish i picked up in a yard sale use that as an antenna to my convertor boxes once i get them...the dish is mounted and ready to go...let you know if it works for me

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think i will give a satellite dish i picked up in a yard sale use that as an antenna to my convertor boxes once i get them...the dish is mounted and ready to go...let you know if it works for me
You're kiddng, right?
There are a number of websites with information on how to convert satelite dishes to receive UHF OTA. Here's one.

Building a Parabolic Reflector UHF Antenna Like A CM4251? - Digital Forum
Hope no one minds, I moved a few posts about Parabolic antennas to here: to keep the conversation on topic.
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