how does it works?


how does an internet tv works? do i need to download or install it? i really do not have any idea. anyone here who is willing to help me?:D


It works like the youtube. It will stream as you watch. They transmit the signals as they do for TV and you can watch it on net it also got some international channels...

Will smith

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What is the source of income for these channels , how they get their operating costs and keeps funding, if your channel is not popular will anyone be there to give you advertisements.


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This is all pretty much common sense. There are several internet TV type of sites out there and obviously, they're getting something for it. People utilizing the sites and seeing the ads is the usual way, but it all depends on the agreement between the site and the copyright holders.


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If you try using the internet tv set-top box for example the tv box with google tv experience, you just connect the tv box to your smart TV, usually using HDMI. then follow the setup guide and then u can start watching any internet tv service like netflix, youtube, hulu+ etc.