How does the Netflix DVD queue work?


The Netflix DVD queue works very simply: Visit the Netflix website to click "Add to Queue" for any DVDs that you are interested in borrowing. The DVDs are automatically added to your queue in the order you selected them.

You do have the option to place any given disc in the number one spot in your queue by clicking "Move to Position #1" when you add it to your queue if desired.


While you can arrange your queue in any desired order, if your top choice is a recently released popular film, you may have to wait a while before it's available to you. They only buy so many discs and once they're all out, you have to wait for someone to send theirs back so you can use it. I'm still waiting for Captain Philips.
If you're getting annoyed with the wait on the Netflix DVD queue for CAPT Phillips, just hit your local Redbox up! I didn't want to wait, so we just did that the other day when we had to go to Wally World for other stuff! Great movie, though the good CAPT doesn't get a lot of good press from his crew....


That's okay. I can wait. After all, I've waited this long; what's a few more days? If I were desperate, I'd have gone to see it in the theater.