How long do I have to cancel without penalties? - DirecTV

I signed up for ATT Uverse and internet last month (Dec. 2016) with an installation date of 1/5/17. Today is 1/23/17 and I still do not have any services installed. They came out on 1/5/17 but I was told by the tech that there needed to be an adjustment in the main box in my neighborhood before he could complete my install. He submitted a ticket that day and said that it takes 24 to 48 hrs. I called early the next week and they said that they would have what they needed to do in the neighborhood box completed by 1/13/17. I called the following week and they told me that it still has not been completed and they gave me an estimated date of 1/20/17. I called on the 20th and was told that the completed date was pushed out until 1/27/17. I took off from work on 1/5/17 for my install. Now it continues to be pushed back which means even after they do whatever they need to do in my neighborhood box, I would then have to take off another day from work for the install.

I just moved into my home and was planning to get wifi home phone and home security services. Due to the stall on my installation, I have not been able to even get those services activated. On top of that when I signed up in December, I joined when they were offering a total of $250 in gift cards for signing up for uverse and internet services. This promotion ended 12/31/16 but I was told by the customer service rep at the time that since I was signing up for services before that date that I would still be eligible for the promotion even though the install was not scheduled until 1/5/17. I recently called the rewards department to check and see if that was still true since there were so many delays. I was told that they currently only show that I am due to get $100. He did say that it could be just showing just the $100 right now because my services are not currently active and once they are it would give me the other $150. That could be true but based on my experience with AT&T so far I'm not sure what to believe at this point.

Right now I’m just trying to figure out if I need to cancel my services with AT&T now before they’re even installed or if I would have a grace period to cancel after installation. I’m trying to avoid getting the services but not getting the $250 that I was promised during my sign up. My question is if I go through with the service install, will I be allowed to cancel afterwards if my $250 credit isn’t approved?

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