How long do you let your kids watch TV?


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How long do you let your kids watch TV? I usually let them watch for at least 30 minutes a day if they are under the age of 10, but when they get older I believe they should have more freedom, so I do let them whatever they want. Don't think I'm a bad parent though, one's planning to go to University of Toronto or Harvard O.O! Crap, I just found out there's another thread about this topic, if a moderator sees this, can you please delete the topic? Hopefully it goes unoticed though.. >.<
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I don't let my kids watch the television for too long, it can damage their eyes a lot especially when they are so young, so I'd have to say maybe about 1-2 hours daily? Plus he's only 12, he shouldn't get much exposure to media and o_O..


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Yeah I guess Edin's short answer would be the best, sometimes short is better! Just let them watch until you think they'ved watched too much, then politely turn off the television for them. (and don't think I don't see that white fine print haha, joking :D)


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I usually don't mind how much TV they watch unless they're just watching it for the sake of watching it. If there are a few shows they are real into and want to watch, I won't limit them. When it just becomes background noise to them , I will put a stop to it.


I think you should let your kids watch TV for every minute that you are on the computer! I bet they don't sit as close to the TV as you do the monitor.


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i don't let niece watch the tv when they are not yet done with their assignments. But i am not that strict not to let them watch their favorite shows.


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I limit my kids to about an hour or two a day of total television viewing. I don't like them sitting inactively in front of the TV all the time and doing nothing later that day. I like them to be active and outside a lot.


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I usually don't limit my kids to the time that they watch TV. They basically do it themselves. I rarely ever see them hanging out in the living room, or in the den. They are always out in the backyard exploring.