How long will Xfinity Roku be Beta testing? - XFinity


Looks like this has been testing for years and there is no clear way for those who are using it to provide feedback to the developers to help improve the application. There are plenty of landing pages devoted to how you can start utilizing the product but as a beta it should also say how to provide suggestions to provide a better UX experience.

Overall, the application is brilliant but there are some components that are missing that are enjoyed by users who have a Cable box.

* I like to set reminders for programs that I favor, or movies that I know are coming on later in the week.

* If I set a TV program or movie as a favorite when it is playing on any channel, I should get a pop up notification.

* Currently, to watch a program you need to select at least twice, it's overkill.

*What is available on Xfinity should be visible to the general Roku search engine. This would increase your movie sales.

*The recently watched module should offer individual programs I was or am watching as well as the network. If you accidentally get kicked off or out of a program. You have to drill click all the way back to it. If there was a recently watched that would ease anxiety.

I've really enjoyed the application overall and the recent update looks awesome. I appreciate all the work that has been done and I look forward to all of the amazing innovations you will come up with in the future.

All the best!🙏🏽

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