How many channels can you get with a Roku?



I've heard that there are a lot of channels available on the Roku but that the people that make the Roku box don't provide a channel list for all of them. Why is that? How many channels are available? Is there a website that does show all of the channels?
I didn't have any luck in finding a full listing of Roku channels. There is a good summary on the Roku website of the higher-level channels,
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I do think if I was going to buy a Roku device, I would go for the higher end, Roku 2 or Roku 3.
Which version of their box are you looking to start using?


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Well over 1000, but much like cable, you don't want to watch most of them. But unlike cable, you don't have to pay for most of them!

Catastrophegirl counts 1528 channels as of today.

This is the most complete listing I know about:
catastrophegirl's roku channel list

WARNING: Catastrophegirl's site may contain links and ads for adult Roku channels...
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