How many channels do you get with Comcast basic cable?



Thinking about getting basic cable, how many channels will I get? What networks do they show? I know there isn't any movie channels or anything like that but I was hoping to get MTV and E! at the very least.


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It will depend on where you live. If you go to the Comcast web site and enter your address it will tell you about the different packages. In general the "basic" package will just give you the local channels and possibly local college channels. At least in my area the next level up is called "standard" and includes channels like MTV, E!, Discovery, ESPN, etc. There may also be a economy package that doesn't include ESPN.

Have you considered or used an antenna. In many areas there are free digital broadcast channels that are often times better than "basic cable" channels. (THIS (movies), The Cool TV (music videos), Me-TV (TV classics), AntennaTV (TV classics), RTV (more TV classics), Bounce (African American entertainment) and even MTV Tr3s) And, of course the local network affiliates in better HD than cable or satellite.


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Probably 24 or 30 channels, depending on where you live. Go up a level and you can get about 60. The Preferred level should take you a 100 or thereabouts. These are just rough numbers. Check the Comcast website for your area.